Janet Van Fleet
Collaborative Installation UVM

Riki Moss
Parade, 2014

“My soul is from elsewhere, I'm sure of that, and I intend to end up there.”

Well, that is comforting. We're all on the road to to our true essence, on parade in and out of the present.

We humans are but one form of life sharing the planet. Over time, as we populate, we push aside what isn’t “us” and take what we need to survive. I’m curious about what remains in our wake. What happens to the species when they “disappear?” What remains of a forest after the last cut? It everything a rearrangement? I conjure up an unseen world of remnants, curious life forms, species that never quite made it, hybrids arranged from plant, human, mythical, cultural DNA. I make them with wire, clay, plaster and finally a translucent skin of hand-made abaca paper. Placed on pedestals, they parade through the gallery. They have no words, their gestures suggest the narrative. They’re moving in from somewhere and moving out towards somewhere else. Look at me, they seem to say. I am here, just as you are here, and why is that? What is this all about, our time on earth together?