About Mutual Gaze

Mutual Gaze is a project that began with a 2012 exhibit curated by Riki Moss for the Winooski Pop-Up Galleries created by Ric Kisini. The project is based on the notion that we humans are looking at nature while nature is also looking back at us, responding, or just carrying out its own agenda. Does it care? Do we? The artists raise questions, rather than suggest agendas. What is it all about, this time on earth we share?

The Mutual Gaze project will continue to add new initiatives from time to time, the most recent being a collaboration between Riki Moss and Janet Van Fleet called The Parade Project.

The collective parade, like a journey, has a beginning and an end. Likewise, the life trajectories of individuals and species have beginnings and endings. And while our journeys, individually and collectively, will end, it is good to look about and cultivate the acquaintance of our fellow-travelers while we're on the road.

An ongoing initiative is a verbal and visual converversation between artists involved in this idea of mutual gaze.