Cameron Davis Emiko Sawaragi Gilbert
Janet Fredericks Riki Moss
Linda E. Jones Janet Van Fleet
For the Kasini Gallery 2012 Winooski, Vermont, Pop-Up exhibition, curator Riki Moss invited six Vermont artists who turn their gaze to the planet and find the planet looking back. The seen becomes the seer and the artist responds in the language she knows: drawing, painting, sculpture, digital imagery. And in turn, when you, the viewer, enter the gallery, you too enter into the conversation. In this way, we all take our part in one interwoven story.

The work was installed in a raw industrial space: high ceilings, exposed pipes, minimal electricity, gray concrete floors, large windows looking out on a busy traffic circle. Lighting was crude. At night, the artwork was washed by car headlights, adding another layer - that of the city, to the story.

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Kasini House Montreal