First, Brooklyn, then University of Chicago, then the San Francisco Art Institute, then loft on Canal Street, Woodstock NY, then Vt College of Fine Arts, then Grand Isle studio with a 12 year dip into Boston. Exhibitions, museums, international, retreats, workshops… a long, sweet trip. First clay, then encaustics, then oil paints, then paper—always seeking a lighter medium, so finally the lightest of all, words. Long life, honey in the heart, as is said.


leading a workshop called Read Like A Writer

Making paper in Vermont. This was glorious, it lasted years and then morphed into something else.

2-4 foot creatures, curious life forms who/that may or may not have meant to be.

Installation video and plaster sculptures for Burlington City Arts

From Studio-glow

On The Planet for COP10 Nagoya, Japan

Thinking about shelter, confinement, eggs and swinging free.

Witnesses. There are always witnesses.

Installation at the Shelburne Museum, Vt