Years ago, I asked this question of my 500 facebook friends:

“is it true that if you portray the beauty you love then people will fall in love with that beauty? And in doing so, do you think they would want to protect the beauty in the world?”

Only one person responded. The answer was “no”.

Maybe the other 499 friends, the ones who didn’t respond, really had no idea if they agree or not. Neither do I. The world to me, on every level – our culture, our species, our planet, universe, cosmos – is inexplicable, the future is out of control. None of  the words in my original question make sense to me now. Truth. Beauty. Love. Protect. If we are the dominant species on this planet, we are doing a terrible job.

This blog means to explore, to question, to converse – not to find answers.

I’m a sculptor/writer living and working in Burlington, Vermont. My visual work rikimossstudio.com is a kind of archaeology, an exploration of life forms that maybe could have made it. I work in plaster and paper, forming skins over metal armatures.  They carry no message, except to be seen, to be acknowledged – here we are – and to ask the question, what are we supposed to be doing together? I’ve exhibited widely in the states as well as Holland and Japan, worked in clay, encaustic, hand made paper, plaster, resins….always seeking lighter and lighter materials as I’ve aged, finally arriving at the lightest material of all –– words.

I’ve written one novel An Obese White Gentleman In No Apparent Distress and am in process of another. I published several short stories and populated the pages of Unpsychology Magazine Other Than Human Issue with pieces from the series Curious Life Forms. In these books, and in this blog, I mean to open portals into the artistic babble around us, with its curiosity, diversity and chaos.

Years have gone by since I wrote this. I now have 1500 Facebook friends but have no desire to ask this question again.