Painter Sally Linder has joined the Home project.

Here is Anthills, Cities and Other Angles of Repose, the stop motion film where Janet Fredericks explores ideas of Home.

The home project  began with a road trip. Sculptor Riki Moss and painter Janet Fredericks.drove to MASS MoCA in North Adams, Mass, to see two exhibits: Anselm Kiefer , and the Chinese artist Xu Bing . Both were astonishing, complicated, artworks by major contemporary artists of very different cultures. On the long drive back to Northern Vermont mysterious connections were made and we excitedly began envisioning a collaboration around the idea of Home.Riki drove, Janet took notes: 

HOME, BODY, HEART, where we feel safe where we belong
blood-iron in blood-iron oxide-rust, pull of gravity-magnetic properties of iron/blood
aborigional knowing – Song Lines “listening” to the ancestors – the animals, rocks and soil. magnetic pull home, (You know when the feeling is right) Desire and magnetism
Desire for home….mater….mother earth…coming home to ourselves
How do birds know where to fly home? migration – birds

Does the French philosopher, Gaston Bachelard in Poetics of Space, have something to
contribute to space/home?
BEINGS, HABITAT – is what sustains us,Homes within homes, Choosing family
“AS WE MARK TIME, TIME MARKS US.” Theodore Roethke. Love his poem “I wake to sleep”
“Suspending Guidance” HOME as archtype….what does Jung have to say about home
HOMELESS Leaving home – returning home – Half way home – homeless
Home is where things incubate, Cocoon/chrysalis/monarch…husk when empty…sheds skin
Protective covering for transformation
IMAGES THAT IMPLY SOMETHING Homey – homely – homesick, cage – puppy pile?
home on a hill – hill town – fortress – at the top – not accessible
Ant hill
Songs? Poetry? Philosophical writing about home? James Hillman…Joseph Campbell…C. Jung
Jennifer Bartlett older paintings of houses, Shrine – outhouse – half way house –
As destination, as temple,  Ancestors – conjure up – make up
self as home – skin is porous – like the universe – comes in and out – home becomes boundary like skin, Walls are permeable
My son returning home…homes along the way, “home town”
HOMESTEAD…place…temporary place PROMISED LAND
Song, “Home, home on the range…”adding sound
utting up video as if seen through a window
(Project PARADE on window screen…mylar…other?) What would be the sound track?
Senior Housing, nursing home,home away from home, home as shelter – homeless shelter – shelter from the storm – the long road home (poem?)
Sound track – Rumi – threshold
Home on wheels – airstream
Sonya Ray – VAC – Dev. Ray – write Creation Grant
***AXNEO 7 – residency at Diamon
Bring it all home, Final resting place
Folk Tales about home: Hansel & Gretel..trail of crumbs to find you way home…